How It Started

In every job I’ve had, I have helped people solve problems.  During college, I was a youth director. I began my professional career as a schoolteacher and then migrated toward school administration.  After 9 years of administrating in public and private schools, I concluded that I could be much more effective in both thinking through problems and in solving them if I had a law degree.  Just before our 5th child was born, we moved back to Stillwater, and I entered law school at William Mitchell in St. Paul.

I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the study of law.  As I investigated career options, it became clear to me that becoming a solo attorney, while initially the most difficult choice and seemingly biggest risk, was also the best thing for my family and my future.  Thirty minutes after being sworn-in as an attorney in Minnesota, I filed the necessary papers to become St. Croix Law, PSC (professional service corporation).  I set up an office in Stillwater so I could be close to my family.  And sometimes, on a nice day, some of the kids ride their bikes to my office.

Now, almost 4 years later, I am humbled by a growing practice that involves the privilege of guiding clients through difficult issues and helping them find resolutions.