Areas of Service

Estate & Planning Estate & Planning
Trust and Probate:
Trusts are not for everyone. But they provide an excellent option to many potentially complicated or demanding inheritance situations.
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A will allows you to determine what happens to the assets created from a lifetime of work and intelligent planning.
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Healthcare Directives:
A Minnesota Health Care Directive or Wisconsin Power of Attorney for Health Care and Declaration to Physicians (Living Will), allow you to name someone to make decisions on your behalf in case you are incapacitated and specify your intentions for care under certain medical situations.
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Power of Attorney:
A Power of Attorney (POA) is a critical component of all estate planning done by St. Croix Law.
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Corporate Law Corporate Law
New Corporations:
Few times are more full of promise and excitement as the launch of a new business venture. While everyone involved hopes for the best, there are complexities that arise which prudent advice can help either avoid or minimize.
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Employee Contract / Policy:
Every business is as individual as the people who work there. Fitting the employment requirements to the regulatory realities often demands prudent legal advice.
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Buy / Sell Agreement:
A well-crafted contract should protect the interests of all the parties involved. Problems to arise, however, which can go contrary to what seems like a very straight-forward agreement.
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Custody & Care Custody & Care

We are intimately associated with adoption and the family law issues that come with including changes in custody, guardianship, and family growth.
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Elder Law:
St Croix Law is a strong advocate of the concerns for the rights of older family members and serves in the MSBA Elder Law Section.
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Guardianship & Conservatorship:
The complexities of transferring guardian rights are intense for all concerned.
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Third-Party Custody:
St. Croix Law is very aware of the deeply personal issues inherent in this kind of transition. Our expertise and compassion can be an important factor in the successful management of a difficult legal situation.
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Real Estate Real Estate
Like all other major assets, real estate is more than just ownership. Both residential and commercial property impact interests from taxation to estate planning. read more here