Third-Party Custody

There are situations where a person, other than natural parents, is awarded the custody of a minor child on a temporary or permanent basis as the best means to assure the child’s interests are sustained and promoted. This is third-party custody and typically involves a relative or legal guardian who has been providing actual custody in the absence or incapacity of the natural parents.

Third-party custody can be a straight-forward matter of establishing the facts in court and having the cooperation of one or both natural parents. In other cases, emergency circumstances demand a court resolution of custody or there can be challenges between well-intentioned parties where parental rights and the interest of the child is reviewed by the state and judicial resolution is required.

St. Croix Law is very aware of the deeply personal issues inherent in this kind of transition. Our expertise and compassion can be an important factor in the successful management of a difficult legal situation.

This is a very technical and complicated part of the legal system. The advice or participation of an attorney is strongly advised either from the start or as part of a self-representation effort. Be aware that each court in Minnesota may have local rules and procedures for custody cases for that particular court.