St. Croix Law

Real Estate


Like all other major assets, real estate is more than just ownership. Both residential and commercial property impact interests from taxation to estate planning. Likewise, a successful resolution over use, zoning, historical value, environmental conditions, easements and permissions can be pivotal in the safeguarding of the purchaser’s intentions.

The St. Croix area has a considerable mosaic of real estate that cover far more conditions that in urban areas. The value of our scenic views, promotion of our agriculture and industry, the compliance with protections for our natural resources, and the continuity of our historic community are sometimes a difficult balance to achieve.

Legal advice or representation is often imperative in dealing with disputes or gaining local government approvals for improvements or changes in use. As a part of the community, St. Croix Law understands the diversity of interests we live with and can be instrumental in representing your real estate issues and providing financial guidance that make sense for where we live.